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Xufex | Distribuidores de Chufas y derivados
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Chufas JC Lladró is now XUFEX

Chufas JC Lladró is now XUFEX

The company Chufas JC Lladró has achieved one of its key objectives with the new brand XUFEX, which was to create a brand associated with a highly traditional product – the tiger nut – and bring it into the twenty-first century.
Tiger nuts are deeply rooted in the Lladró family. We have managed to combine the wisdom of our predecessors with the training and ambition of a team of professionals in constant development to offer our clients the very finest products. 

Located in the town of Alboraya (Valencia), the cultivation centre of the tiger nut tuber, we have extensive experience in the cultivation, processing, drying and distribution of Valencian tiger nuts and their derivatives spanning over 15 years.
During this time, XUFEX has managed to establish itself as one of the fastest-growing young companies in the sector, at all times guaranteeing the highest quality products.
Achieving this has certainly not been an easy process, and has only been possible thanks to rigorous supervision at every stage of the cultivation, drying and selection of tiger nuts and by guaranteeing the optimum quality of the end product. For this reason, we conduct an exhaustive examination of our tiger nuts at the time of harvest to guarantee their quality. The drying process must be slow and painstaking to ensure the tiger nuts acquire the exact organoleptic properties for making
horchata and other tiger nut derivatives.
XUFEX uses state-of-the-art machinery for its selection processes to guarantee the quality that our clients expect. The whole process is geared towards ensuring that the tiger nuts maintain all their properties and will produce the characteristic
horchata flavour. XUFEX has its own processing plants and storage facilities to guarantee permanent stocks and rapid deliveries. Our philosophy is to offer our clients the highest standards of quality and service.
Our number-one premise is quality which is why we put such an emphasis on having a highly-qualified team of professionals. Our objective is to undertake rigorous controls of every stage of the cultivation, drying and selection of tiger nuts as a preliminary step to producing the finest quality products.
In our drive for growth we have embarked on a project to manufacture new products deriving from tiger nuts, primarily motivated by our decision to expand internationally, a challenge that is being steadily consolidated.



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