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XUFEX – Tradition and expertise in tiger nuts.
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  • XUFEX – Tradition and expertise in tiger nuts.

What are tiger nuts?

The tiger nut (Cyperus esculentus) is a herbaceous plant from which the tuber is harvested for use. The cultivation of tiger nuts can be traced back to the distant past and it seems to have been a very popular foodstuff with the Ancient Egyptians. The tiger nut then spread to the Iberian Peninsula where it is still grown today.
Nowadays, Valencian tiger nuts are renowned as a traditional crop in this area of the Mediterranean from which the refreshing drink widely known as
horchata is produced.



Nutritional benefits

Tiger nuts have been recognized by several European studies as a healthy foodstuff with a wide variety of beneficial properties for the human body. Their consumption has been associated with the prevention of cardiovascular and circulatory diseases as well as reducing the risk of cancers thanks to their high oleic acid and polyunsaturated fat content along with vitamins E and C. The tiger nut is an excellent source of energy thanks to its starch and complex sugar content, and it is rich in essential amino acids. Its composition also means it has antidiarrheal action, promotes healthy digestion and increases the body’s immune system defences.



Ways of consuming tiger nuts

While in Spain tiger nuts are farmed primarily to produce the drink known as horchata, in other countries they are used more widely either raw, roasted or dried as a snack, and also in the form of flour for artisan baking and bread-making.


Suitable for diabetics


Thanks to its high complex sugar content (starch) rather than simple sugars (glucose and sucrose), the tiger nut is highly suitable for diabetics. Similarly, the beverage horchata de chufa, provided that no sugar is added during processing, is also recommended for consumption by diabetics.


  • Gluten-free
  • Lactose- and fructose-free







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Xufex. Tradition and Expertise in Tiger Nuts

Located in the town of Alboraya (Valencia), the cultivation centre of the tiger nut tuber, we have extensive experience in the cultivation, processing, drying and distribution of Valencian tiger nuts and their derivatives for over 15 years.

Contact details

C/ Coret y Peris, 18
46120 Alboraya

T +34 96 185 77 55

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